Marketing Strategy

How to create a real-time editable supplier catalogue?

A product catalogue is a key feature of any company’s communication. It allows it to accurately describe the type of…

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How to centralise the information of a product catalogue?

Centralising the information of a product catalogue is an adaptable practice to all professionals using new technology. But what is…

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Social selling: an important asset for companies

Social selling generates higher quality prospects, increases pipeline and success rates and deal sizes. Typically thought of as a process…

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How does marketing automation work?

In general, marketing automation is a piece of software used to help you track recurring business activities. With marketing automation,…

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How to evaluate a campaign with KPI?

Digital metrics such as web campaigns can be measured in all aspects, and there are numerous indicators to do so;…

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What is the 5Cs method?

The main goal of a company is to sell as many products as possible and increase its turnover. With the…

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