What is the 5Cs method?

The main goal of a company is to sell as many products as possible and increase its turnover. With the digitalization and the importance of technology in the life of every person nowadays, the sales techniques or more precisely the marketing strategies must be updated to increase the satisfaction of the customers. Nowadays, this world has experienced digital marketing, which has totally transformed the classic sales methods specifically in Web marketing. Tools to seduce the digital world are now available such as SEO, social networks, mailing, etc.

Stages of the sales technique

In marketing, everything has to be well calculated to appeal to the market. If you are particularly faced with a lot of competition, you will need to have a real strategy that will appeal to your customers and even expand your audience. The 5C's method is a marketing strategy. It's a concise and effective way of remembering the critical elements that need to be assessed in order to understand a market that you want to capture. This method involves going through five steps to get the job done. 5C is short for: build, consult, convince and solidify. Each phase is important and none should be overlooked. You absolutely have to go through all five to succeed.

The preparation phases

To get started in web marketing, you absolutely have to prepare all the necessary elements in advance. This step involves creating your web platform, having your referencing, SEO... It's about laying out all the tools to reach your audience. Then, the consultation is the stage where you have to get in touch with your customers. It is about advertising your product through all digital means via social networks. This is a way for the customer to get an insight into your products. To succeed in this step, you also need to investigate your audiences.

The launching phases

Next, you will need to go through the persuasion phase that will push your audience to purchase your products. On the Internet, users can be free about what they really think. You must take this information into account to improve your offers. Then, you will go through a phase of realisation where the customer will make a purchase. Finally, there is the follow-up phase of the relationship where you will move on to the delivery and the various after-sales services. The 5C method is more than relevant, because it allows you to better approach the targets and thus easily adapt your strategy to the digital world.

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