How to create a real-time editable supplier catalogue?

Published on : 30 March 20223 min reading time
A product catalogue is a key feature of any company’s communication. It allows it to accurately describe the type of services or products it offers through pictures and information in one catalogue. In addition to this presentation, it also shows the main components of the company Find out how to create a supplier catalogue that can be modified in real-time…

Using Microsoft Word to create a simple catalogue

If you want to create a product catalogue with photos, descriptions and features, i.e. everything that makes it a business document designed to drive sales and promote the company,  you can easily do it thanks to Microsoft Word. This component of the Microsoft Office package, known for its efficiency, allows you to create a catalogue that is easy to print and capable of attracting readers’ attention. To achieve effective results, you need a thorough understanding of this software and intelligent use of its layout, photo processing, style selection and the rest of its many other resources. Besides Word, there are other easy-to-use pieces of software such as PIM, which we recommend you learn more about by clicking this link: What is PIM?

Using a powerful piece of software for a high-end catalogue

To make high-end catalogues (digital or paper) that prioritise visual aspects, ease of use and functionality, you can use professional catalogue creation software such as Adobe InDesign or Catalog Creator which are compatible with Windows. Adobe’s InDesign catalogue software is approved by experienced graphic designers and public relations professionals who use it to create beautiful and high-performance documents, from simple triptychs to complete websites. In addition, this layout software is packed with features and resources to make it easy to create both printable and digital brochures. However, it is relatively complicated to use and doesn’t come in free full versions. The Catalog Creator software, on the other hand, can be used free of charge and provides access to a wide range of templates, which can be customised to your needs.

Go for PIM software for your supplier catalogue design

PIM or product information management tools allow you to group all the data for an item in one place and thus more easily coordinate its content and ensure the reliability of the information you distribute to different channels. In addition, They also allow you to manage and build all types of information, including texts, images, videos, PDF files, reference lists, numerical fields, URLs, attachments, etc. With this type of software, you can define the exact structure of product information, classify it by product type and manage all its modifications.

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