How to optimise your product data searches?

The data produced plays an important role in the usefulness of your ads. Therefore, to make your advertising, product listings and shopping campaigns as effective as possible, you need to provide and maintain high-quality generated data.

Improve the visibility and quality of your product offering

Product catalogues are bound to continuously evolve, as, depending on the company and its priority, it is essential to achieve new goals by creating dedicated series, rejecting existing products and why not successfully entering a new country. Companies should update their catalogues as part of the seasonal trade, adding new products promptly throughout the year with the main purpose of boosting sales. If the new product arrives, and once the design and production phases are complete, the work is far from over. Details (images, content, etc) still need to be built to make the new product sustainable in the sales channel. Indeed, PIM tools act as boosters that help you plan this work. Whatever the number of new references, collections or product rotations, PIM absorbs these portions and coordinates teamwork. For more information about this tool, click Product Information Management software from Goaland.

A centralised product sheet

One of the most common mistakes some company make is to distribute the same information to all sales channels. However, using carefully selected keywords to write unique content, together with sufficient technical and marketing capabilities, is critical to turning enquiries into sales and improving search engine visibility. A Good PIM tool can classify content by channel, avoiding serious errors in duplicate content and thus serious damage through search engine penalties. Product data must be at the heart of your company's technical and strategic decisions since the success of your business mainly depends on it. Your SEO is the cornerstone of your descriptive reference sales policy. Obviously, managing thousands of product references based on the uniqueness of the content may seem tedious, but thanks to the use of PIM software, the editing process can be simplified by gathering the information on a single platform.

Good SEO control

You can optimise the impact of publications on your platform's visibility by adjusting your strategy through SEO, constantly updating keywords and, above all, having good text content on the corporate websites; marketplaces, online catalogues and e-commerce shops. Many consultants recommend the use of PIM software, regardless of the size of the company, because, in addition to disseminating information between divisions and improving internal processes, a good PIM tool can save a lot of time and help structure the operation of producing records. Without connecting to more than a dozen interfaces and management systems, PIM tools centralise the information in a unique way and make it available more quickly, which presents a real gain in time and quality!

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