How to reduce delivery times with Ship from Store?

If you want to improve your company's image by organising your delivery times, why not use the Ship from Store technique, a new logistics strategy that improves your corporation's operating system and thus your relationship with your customers.

What is Ship from Store?

Ship from Store is a logistics strategy that consists of shipping customer orders from a physical shop rather than from a distribution centre. Prior to this new logistics strategy, customer orders placed online were delivered from a warehouse designed to store the orders and distribute them. Distribution centres offer many logistical advantages. These include inventory management and storage capacity. But the delivery of orders is slower than with the new Ship from Store" logistics strategy, which is a method of shipping products that is closer to customers. This new logistics strategy offers many advantages such as reduced delivery times and increased stock availability.

How can delivery times be reduced with Ship from Store?

Thanks to the Ship from Store technique, it is now possible to reduce the delivery time of any product. Indeed, delivery is much faster thanks to this new logistical strategy which consists of delivering orders from physical shops close to the customers. Thanks to these physical stores, the delivery of orders will be much faster. In addition, the closer to the clients the location the orders are shipped from, the shorter the delivery time will be!

What are the benefits of this store-based delivery strategy?

There are many benefits to adopting this store-based delivery strategy for an e-commerce platform. Indeed, it allows the company to avoid stock-outs and thus leads to increased sales. It becomes rare to have a stockout as products are stored in the warehouse and later added to the shops. This strategy can also improve the business' productivity by increasing its sales. An improvement in the company's image will also be observed, as customers will be satisfied with the reduced delivery times.

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