What is a backlink and when is it used?

Generally speaking, the backlink method is used in the field of Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. Its function is to elect a hyperlink in content destined to another website. In other words, it is a kind of backlink or inbound link system, which can lead to a completely different domain. It is also possible to include an internal link, which has the same form but transmits an exclusive return to an element on the same website.

What are backlinks exactly?

Let's consider that the BL or backlink is positioned on the page of website 1 and that the destination web page is website 2. According to a certain standard, the BL transports what is called Google Juice from website 1 to website 2. To guarantee good quality and a high number of BL traffic, monitoring should be established. In this way, the visibility and reputation of each platform can be improved with complete peace of mind. To illustrate this explanation, here is an example of a backlink representation (incoming link going in the direction of the AntheDesign platform): - <Q href="URL">: <Q> corresponds to the hyperlink connecting websites 1 and 2. The term href defines the address of the targeted page.  - https://www.anthedesign.fr: the first part specifies the transfer protocol, while anthedesign.fr corresponds to the name of the domain that the link targets.  - title="web agency oise": title leads the information in backlink.  - target="_blank": is the code used to open the destination page. The only remaining step is to apply AntheDesign in website 1 (clickable).

Use of the backlink

Presenting many qualified BL on its website pages allows to accentuate its popularity via its flagrance. Indeed, backlinks hold a considerable place in search engines. It is therefore one of the strategic SEO elements. Netlinking is also an indispensable pillar of a good SEO plan. There are two possible techniques: natural and SEO backlink. In both methods, there must be no "" mention.

How to make sure that your backlinks are in action?

After implementing netlinking, it is important to regularly monitor the arrangement of the links obtained. The same applies to links that are naturally acquired or/and lost. To do this, you need some initial ideas from tools like Google Search Console. That way, you can receive links via pages at the same time. Ultimately, this whole backlink strategy is designed to boost the positioning of your business.

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