How has PIM become a necessary tool for businesses?

With the popularisation of the concept and the high demand from businesses for central tools to support the management of product related data, PIM hs become an increasingly used and well-known solution for retail and industry actors, many of which are launching calls for tender and internally developing the specifications of this type of solution.

Why resort to PIM?

In order to retain and impress more and more customers, adding new products to your product catalogues is an obvious solution, especially in the retail sector. The expansion of references and product data is a daily reality that marketing and purchasing teams must face. In order to adapt to this new business situation, you need to be very smart so that the information can be well integrated, even if it does not overwhelm the team and the customers. When there is a need to merge multiple full-time multi-table products in numerous languages for each media, PIM can come into play. Visit the platform for more information on this subject.

Why has PIM become vital to businesses?

Today, as a company, you have to be present in all aspects, your team has to provide information for many distribution and sales channels and all this information has to be high speed. To cope with these demands, the most important thing is to get the right information out and to thus be well-organised. Your team must also be able to access the right information; it is no longer possible to search for information that has been produced while scattered in different software or departments of your company because this results in the risk of spreading false information. Indeed, your company's growth depends on it. Moreover, to roll out new series quickly, to easily enter new suppliers, to cope with fierce competition, and to give your employees all the cards to help them deliver the right products, you need PIM.

What does a company hope to gain from PIM?

There are many benefits to using PIM tools, among them are the reduction of product management time, the acceleration of product time to market and a better SEO so that product sheets are quoted in all channels. In addition, you can obtain good international management, a follow-up of all translations and a complete and coordinated omnichannel strategy. Moreover, the reduction of customer complaints due to better data structures can be achieved. With PIM, your company will be able to collect data by creating single structured storage that can contain all information and to improve the latter by opening the tool to all contributors with the appropriate access rights. Ultimately, note that there are many tools on the market that provide user-friendly interfaces and functions to manage workflows and thus create a value chain within the company.

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