Fondamentaux du marketing

Marketing fundamentals

To improve your marketing knowledge, you need to study the market, make the right diagnosis, determine market opportunities, etc. Indeed, an entrepreneur needs to master the basics of marketing.

action plan

Automate your marketing

Automate your marketing

Marketing automation allows you to automate the acquisition process as well as the conversion and lead management. Moreover, with relationship marketing, you can optimise your customer communications. Automation also saves time.

Consider implementing social selling

Consider implementing social selling

Social selling consists of creating an identity on social networks, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. To succeed in digital marketing, you need to create and update your LinkedIn profile by adding as much professional data as possible.


Communicate, we can never stress this enough!

Marketing communication includes all the media and techniques used to send a message to consumers. Marketing and communication being quite similar, the link between them aims to help you maintain a close relationship with the customer.



Sales techniques: tools to better
sell your products

B to B, "business to business"

B2B refers to all commercial activities linking companies.

B to C, "business to consumer"

Consumer marketing is aimed at individuals and families.

C to C, "consumer to consumer"

C2C refers to commercial activities carried out between consumers.

PIM tool

Do you need a
PIM tool?

With a PIM tool, you can centralise all your product data in one place. It is therefore easier to harmonise content and work on the reliability of the data you will publish on your different channels. With Product Information Management, you can coordinate between different tools more easily.

Handling a large volume of data

Avoiding errors so as not to impact on a brand’s image

Conveying the brand image

Implementing omnichannel strategies

Marketing in the digital age

Marketing automation and programmatic marketing have made real-time reactions possible. Companies are nowadays claiming a willingness to shift their advertising budget to digital platforms. Effective marketing in the digital age is about building loyalty and capturing the attention of an audience, the customer experience being one of the key components of the offer.


The key to being seen
and well seen!


The key to being seen and well seen

Entrepreneurs who feel they do not have a big enough advertising budget can resort to local SEO. This wonderful tool represents a real visibility lever for any business and is very useful for local businesses.

Indeed, you can enhance the visibility of your website and increase its traffic by using these 3 tools: niche keywords, the long tail technique and internal linking.